Dishonesty:  n. intentional (fraudulence and/or lying) and/or deception

Lying is an obvious form of dishonesty but failing to fulfill a promise is also dishonesty or lying about the future. Frequently contracts or promises to do something in the future for mutual benefit are not fulfilled and this is also a form of dishonesty or in effect fraudulent behavior.

Lying is immoral fraud which is not criminally prosecuted by law but in an ideal world should be. Social ostracism of liars or a bad reputation is frequently the only punishment that a liar gets.

Deception is a form of partial lying or partial dishonesty and not revealing the whole truth necessary in a communication or agreement. Deception is dishonesty too and it is frequently evident in cosmetic and supplement advertisements which promote products with desirable characteristics or results which are in fact not very accurate or even almost totally untrue.

A deceptive human is a clever liar who frequently gets away with the clever lie but he or she is a liar nevertheless. Society is filled with myths and deceptions or clever lies and it is my mission in life to try and reveal as many of them as possible for your benefit. The truth about these deceptions is not always pleasant to hear because many of us prefer to believe in soothing  or comforting lies and deceptions rather than in harsh truths or realities.

Total dishonesty or blatant lying is worse than partial dishonesty but one should realize that almost any degree of dishonesty is bad unless it is an emergency situation and you must lie or be dishonest to save a life or avoid severe injury.

Most of us would like to be healthy, attractive, happy, and successful and there are plenty of predatory deceptive charlatans who are offering us their bogus friends, information, goods, and services to fulfill those basic human desires.

What is the antidote to dishonesty? Being honest, sincere, dependable, competent, somewhat caring, and trustworthy. If you find a friend with those characteristics then you will have found a true friend indeed!!! Your social reputation will be outstanding too and you will be respected and maybe even admired if you chose to have a large following.

What is the difference between an intentional and unintentional lie? Usually an intentional lie is someone claiming to have done something when in fact they have not done it. If the lie is unintentional and you get a sincere apology then forgive and forget but if the lie is intentional then start doubting and prepare for more lies if you decide to have further dealings with the human.

The hardest lies to detect are the deceptive ones where there seems to be some truth in what someone is saying to you but you have some impulsive doubts. This is where reputation comes into play. How reputable is the human giving you the information? If they have a history of deception or lying then don’t trust them but if they seem fairly reputable then cautiously proceed and assume that some of what they are saying is in fact truthful. Some BS artists are so good that you will not detect them for who they really are and not realize that they are playing you for a sucker.

Finally don’t be too impulsive and accuse others of lying because chances are great that they have been deceived or believe in untruths which are ravaging societies and their lying may be unintentional. Their opinion on something may be totally opposed to yours but don’t assume that the opinion is a total lie or untruth. You need much useful education and experience with humans to read their body language, listen carefully to the tone of voice which they are using, and to judge the truth of the information which they are communicating to you.

Accusing someone of lying without proof or reputable witnesses runs the risk of a false accusation which will begin to ruin your reputation in the long duration.

Be cautious about new relationships and keep an eye out for deceptions and lies. My advice is live and learn because there is so much BS floating around in society that you are probably being deluged by it and have been brainwashed by much of it. If you want less BS in your life then start reading as many of my blogs as possible.



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