Obedience: n. accepting and doing a command(s) which is frequently a (law(s) and/or rule(s)) and/or social norm(s)

As parents we expect a certain amount of obedience from our offspring. Some even want obedience from their pets and sometimes train them or bring them to obedience schools.

In the adult world we obey rules, laws, and social norms all designed to give society a certain amount of predictability.

Teenagers frequently rebel against parental and social norms and try to disobey them with usually bad consequences. There is nothing new in human nature and once we learn more and more about it we then become more tolerant of human deviance or at least learn to live with it if it deviates in a moral way and is not an expression of immorality.

With government laws being so numerous and more being added on yearly there will always be humans disobeying them to some extent since they are unjust in many special circumstances and not worthy of obedience.

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