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After viewing the pictures it should be obvious that modern theoretical physics with its simple mathematics will simply not be the solution to explaining the complex star formations which exist in the universe. Relatively simple theories like the big bang, relativity, general relativity, and black holes are simple minded theories with logical inconsistencies which will never explain complex star formations which are a billion times more complicated than a simple solar system model.

The Hubble telescope has revealed the complexity of the interacting forces in nature and the only hope of eventually explaining the intricacies lies in super computer calculations and even with them we may never know in detail how the universe really works or exists. There is turbulence in space and simple gravitational explanations alone are not enough to explain it.

Turbulence in space implies that space is really not empty as thought but in fact influences the life cycles of stars and the concept of dark matter or aether seems to have some impact on how the universe functions. We have no scientific tools to measure dark matter so until we do theoretical physics is in a dead end and has nothing to say nor will it have anything to say  on the subject in the near foreseeable future.

It is time to focus all our energies on the planet earth and its threatened wilderness plants and animals so we can realistically delay the time of human, plant, and animal extinction.

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