Nag: v. to frequently repeat identical (commands and/or criticisms) and/or annoying communications which annoy a human(s)

Repeat commands and/or criticisms or do them over and over again or repeat the same words or expressions or do them over and over again and you are nagging and are sure to annoy someone.

Wives are frequently accused of nagging but domineering husbands are also sometimes guilty of nagging.

Offspring are also sometimes nagged. Clean up your room, take out the garbage, come home on time, feed the pet, brush your teeth, hang up your clothes, and turn out the light are some examples of nagging expressions which can be stopped if you punish with the withdrawal of important privileges until the bad habit disappears or becomes so infrequent that it is acceptable behavior.

Nag too much and it is ignored communication. Unless it is something very important and has to be resolved don’t nag but do something about it.

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