She gets upset and displeased but communicates clearly what is bothering her without throwing emotional tantrums, complaining too much, or expressing loud anger.

She is honest, sincere, and truthful, has standards or a clear morality, and does not feel that she is owed attention and affection or to be treated as a princess just because she exists.

She feels that she should be valued or loved for her smarts, integrity, and personality as well as for what physical attractiveness and sexuality she might possess.

She has a good paying job or career and realizes that she may have to temporarily depend on the husband’s income alone and sacrifice a job temporarily for a stay at home mom with young offspring to raise unless her income is so good that she can afford babysitters or a nanny. She does not want to become a permanent financial burden on the husband by remaining unemployed and with offspring.

She has domestic skills such as cooking and cleaning which can come in handy if financially the family can’t afford domestic help.

She is not sexually promiscuous.

She has clear goals of what she would want or desire to accomplish in her life in and outside of marriage.

She values a man based on his integrity, smarts, communication skills, caring, and emotional stability and not primarily on how popular he might be, his physical appearance, and wealth.

She is not one who will try to manipulate or change the husband greatly but is mostly satisfied with his current job, personality or behavior, and future plans.

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