Destiny: n. your fate which has been modified by making and achieving goals in your life.

Talking about fate frequently assumes that no matter what you do in life you will die of disease, an accident, or have a terrible life filled with mistakes and failures and there is basically nothing which you can do to change this fate.


I like to think of life in terms of your destiny which means that through personal will and effort you can frequently minimize disease, avoid accidents, and make your life happier by making smart choices in life and avoiding unnecessary bad risks which will just bring much unhappiness and pain in your life.


Stop making new goals in life or stop trying to achieve old goals in life and you will let circumstances or outside influences determine your destiny to a large extent. Continue making new goals or pursuing old ones and you have the potential to make your destiny turn out more to your liking.


Few of us are movers and shakers in society who get remembered historically because of their relatively large impact on society but we can consider our lives to be worthwhile if we set many goals and actually achieve many of them. The goals can be relatively mundane such as a good family life, visiting some of the natural wonders of the world, or living an active interesting life pursuing hobbies and fulfilling activities which make you look forward to another day of living.


Your destiny may just be to sample many of life’s pleasures on a budget and live a healthy life on into old age.


You can of course choose to live a selfish, frantic, hedonistic, drug filled life of pleasure which will not last long but may give you a very intense even enjoyable lifestyle while it lasts. Your fate will be to crash and burn and if you are lucky you will survive with your life which will never again probably be a normal life.


Destiny is your fate and what you do in life to try and change the possibility of bad fate upsetting or ending your life. By setting smart goals in life you can avoid many stupid goals which frequently lead to bad fate and a bad destiny.


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