Plagiarism: n. willfully and fraudulently stealing the communication(s) and/or idea(s) of another and pretending it(s) is yours

Plagiarism of scientific articles with new discoveries is a serious offense and word for word plagiarism of popular books and articles by relatively famous or noted professionals is also a form of fraud or stealing.

In politics, economics, sociology, literature, and psychology old ideas are being recycled about human nature and you can frequently write a modified article in your own words with something left out and/or something added and you need not give the original author all the credit because they too are just recycling old ideas.

If they are not scientists I am not impressed by noted professionals who have biased views to promote and it is frequently propaganda with some truth mixed in with deceptions, omissions, and an appeal to current normative views.

Historical notables and current notables in non-scientific fields are all biased promoters of their opinions which can be considered to be political correctness, economics correctness, sociological correctness, and psychological correctness but it is all relative subjective truth and not with much objective truth.

I don’t have impressive academic credentials nor have I written a best seller so feel free to plagiarize my work and some relatively unique ideas. I don’t have the money to promote my writings so if you do have the money feel free to promote my ideas and take some credit for them.

Have writer’s block? Search my evergreen truth blogs and books and use them as a starting point for your future articles and books.

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